Diversify: Serena Williams, Nas, and Carmelo Anthony Utilize Venture Capital to Build Wealth

**Title: Serena Williams, Nas & Carmelo Anthony: Building Wealth through Venture Capitalism & Investments**

Welcome to a captivating series that explores how celebrities and influential members of the black diaspora are securing their financial legacies through asset ownership and wealth-building strategies. In this episode, we dive into the world of Serena Williams, Nas, and Carmelo Anthony, witnessing their journey of building wealth through venture capitalism and strategic investments.

[Nas](insert link to Nas’ portfolio) is not only a musical legend, but he has also carved a niche for himself as a venture capitalist. Leveraging his rap earnings, Nas founded QueensBridge Venture Partners in 2014, with a vision to make early-stage investments in promising start-ups. This move has proved highly lucrative, with Nas’ firm acquiring equity stakes in renowned companies like Dropbox, Lyft, SeatGeek, and Casper. Additionally, Nas’ prescient investment in video doorbell manufacturer Ring resulted in Amazon’s acquisition for a staggering 1.2 billion, securing substantial profits for the talented rapper.

Continuing his diversified investment approach, Nas ventured into the world of cryptocurrency. His QueensBridge Venture Partners became a Series B investor in Coinbase, a San Francisco-based company that has now skyrocketed to a valuation of approximately $31 billion. Nas has also collaborated with esteemed names like Google, Riot Games, and Andreessen Horowitz to support Carry1st, a South African gaming and digital content startup. Clearly, Nas’ astute investment choices serve as an inspiring blueprint for aspiring wealth builders.

Carmelo Anthony, the Los Angeles Lakers forward, stands not only as a basketball icon but also as a formidable player in the venture capital sphere. In 2013, Anthony founded Melo7 Tech Partners, an investment firm focused on early-stage digital media, consumer internet, and technology ventures. Through Melo7 Tech Partners, Carmelo has invested in groundbreaking tech startups such as Whistle, SeatGeek, DraftKings, Casper, and the widely popular ride-sharing giant, Lyft. Carmelo’s latest venture, Mercury, positions his firm to multiply their investment potential by providing financial services tailored for startups. Clearly, Carmelo Anthony’s ability to shoot threes extends far beyond the basketball court.

Serena Williams, an epitome of excellence in both sports and entrepreneurship, channels her success into venture capitalism through her firm, Serena Ventures. Her investment philosophy centers around supporting minority-led companies and those with diverse teams or founders. Serena Ventures embraces a broad range of industries, including cryptocurrency, social platforms, health, sports and wellness, e-commerce, NFTs, enterprise software, ed tech, and climate initiatives. Notable companies in Serena Ventures’ portfolio include Sendwave, Daily Harvest, and MasterClass. As Serena announces her retirement from tennis in 2022, her focus on serving diverse small startups through venture capital signifies a new chapter in her impactful legacy.

Nas, Carmelo Anthony, and Serena Williams exemplify the power of diversifying earnings from their respective fields, propelling them to become driving forces behind new companies while building generational wealth. Their stories act as guiding lights for a new generation of entrepreneurs ready to make their mark on the world.

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This series provides a lens into the ways celebrities and notable members of the black diaspora are establishing their financial legacies through asset ownership and wealth building. In this episode, take a look into how Serena Williams, Nas & Carmelo Anthony are building wealth through venture capitalism & investments! #Diversify #BETDiversify #BET #BETBlackWealth


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