Discover the Next Palo Alto: Saul Klein of LocalGlobe Unveils Europe’s Promising Startup to IPO Hub

**Title: The Rise of the New Palo Alto: A Phenomenal Tech Hub Breaking Out of the UK and Europe**

Welcome to our panel discussion on the emergence of the new Palo Alto, a thriving tech ecosystem that is rapidly gaining momentum in the UK and Europe. In this video, we have gathered key industry experts to shed light on this exciting development. Our esteemed panel includes Yoram Wijngaarde, Founder & CEO of Dealroom; Saul Klein, Founding Partner of LocalGlobe; and Kriya Mehta, International Relations Lead at StartupAmsterdam – City of Amsterdam.

From a global perspective, the new Palo Alto is the third largest tech ecosystem, although it is still lagging behind the Bay Area and Beijing in terms of funding. However, this trend is quickly changing, and we are here to delve into the reasons behind its rapid growth.

Yoram Wijngaarde, the founder of Dealroom, will provide valuable insights from his work with various cities, including Amsterdam and London, on understanding startup ecosystems and how to maximize their potential. Saul Klein, the co-founder of LocalGlobe, will share his experience of investing in seed-stage startups for over two decades and highlight the importance of building ecosystems to create sustainable businesses.

The concept of the new Palo Alto refers to the interconnected network of cities within a four-hour train ride of Kings Cross, such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Manchester, and more. These cities collectively contribute to almost one-third of the European startup ecosystem. Notably, this power hub has produced 44 unicorns and is home to 59% of Europe’s venture capital firms. It is characterized by shared talent pools, ambitious entrepreneurs, and a strong culture of innovation.

Join us as we explore this burgeoning tech ecosystem and uncover what sets it apart from traditional tech hubs. Discover the driving forces behind its growth, the cities that form this interconnected network, and the collaborative spirit that unites them.

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It’s the third biggest tech ecosystem globally but lags behind the Bay Area and Beijing from a funding perspective. We talk about this new phenomenal hub of activity breaking out of the UK/Europe.

Yoram Wijngaarde – Founder & CEO – Dealroom
Saul Klein -Founding Partner – LocalGlobe
Kriya Mehta -International Relations Lead – StartupAmsterdam – City of Amsterdam

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