Decentralized Wireless Unleashed: Exploring DeWi Shorts with David Byrd of BlueYard Capital

**How does the DeWi landscape fit into the broader crypto/web3 ecosystem?**

In this short video, David Byrd, partner at BlueYard Capital, expertly explains the role of DeWi (Decentralized Wireless) in the larger crypto and Web3 landscape[^1^].

🔎 Get insights into the concept and potential of DeWi in this concise breakdown by a renowned industry professional.

This clip is a snippet from Episode #002 of the “Unleashing DePin” podcast, titled “Investing in DeWi”[^2^].

💡 Discover the exciting world of DeWi and gain valuable insights from this in-depth discussion.

✍️ Full Video Transcript:
How are you evaluating or how would you evaluate the current state of the of the DeWi landscape? Crypto encompasses various subcultures, including Bitcoin enthusiasts who envision replacing fiat currency to better the world. There are also NFT proponents who focus on content rights management and artists’ financial well-being. Decentralized Wireless, on the other hand, falls under the category of incentivized machines that organize human efforts and capital to build physical assets. It poses the question: What if Bitcoin Miners could contribute something valuable instead of solely generating hashes?[^3^]

🎯 Dive deeper into the examination of the DeWi landscape in the video transcript.

[Authority Links]:
[^1^]: Learn more about BlueYard Capital at [](
[^2^]: Listen to the full “Unleashing DePin” episode at [](
[^3^]: Gain further insights from the video transcript at [](

How does the #DeWi landscape fit into the broader crypto/web3 ecosystem?

In this #short David Byrd, partner at BlueYard Capital breaks it down for us!

This clip is part of a longer podcast from Episode #002 of @unleashingdepin – “Investing in DeWi”

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