Day 1 of FEDIL Industry Days (5/5) Workshop: Exploring Data Literacy, Knowledge Management, and the Space Sector


In this YouTube video, Dr. Loveneesh Rana, Head of the Concurrent Design Facility at University of Luxembourg, discusses the main digital challenges and changes faced by Luxembourg’s industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also explores the lessons learned from the crisis, including topics such as cybersecurity, telework, and e-government. Dr. Rana provides insights on data literacy, knowledge management, and the space sector, highlighting the importance of data in shaping Europe’s digital future.

Watch the video to learn more about the concurrent engineering approach and the recently developed Concurrent Design Facility at the University of Luxembourg. Discover how this state-of-the-art environment is being used to design systems and technologies for future space missions, including satellites and rockets.

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Now for the final part of Day One of Federal Industry Days, we have invited Dr. Loveneesh Rana, the Head of the Concurrent Design Facility at University of Luxembourg, to provide more insights on data literacy, knowledge management, and the space sector.

Dr. Rana begins by discussing the conceptual design facility of the University of Luxembourg, where teams of specialists from various disciplines work together to develop technologies and systems for space missions. He emphasizes the importance of making accurate decisions during the ideation phase, as it significantly impacts the life cycle cost of space programs.

Traditionally, the design of space systems has been a time-consuming and inefficient process. However, Dr. Rana explains how the concurrent engineering approach, which involves simultaneous processing and integration of multi-disciplinary design, can result in more accurate designs delivered on shorter timelines while reducing costs.

The Concurrent Design Facility at the University of Luxembourg (CDFLU) is a state-of-the-art environment where this concurrent engineering approach is practiced. Dr. Rana highlights the flexibility of the facility, which can adapt its capabilities uniquely to individual applications, including satellites, rockets, and other space systems.

At CDFLU, the focus is on developing a broad portfolio of capabilities and applying them to diverse space applications. Dr. Rana mentions that the facility serves as an innovative platform for materializing new ideas in space system design, ranging from technology feasibility to space architecture planning.

Dr. Rana further emphasizes the importance of data literacy in the space sector. He explains how data plays a crucial role in designing spacecraft and space missions, enabling engineers to find the right balance among different subsystems and improving the accuracy and efficiency of analysis.

Data literacy, according to Dr. Rana, involves the ability to read, analyze, and work with data. He points out that data goes beyond factual information and is the foundation for gaining knowledge and wisdom in the space sector. By understanding the context and purpose of dealing with data, individuals can enhance their data literacy skills.

In the latter part of the video, Dr. Rana introduces the concept of data literacy knowledge management in the space sector. He discusses the hierarchical relationship between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom, highlighting the importance of contextual understanding when working with data.

By providing insights into data literacy and its application within the space sector, Dr. Rana aims to showcase the significance of data in shaping Europe’s digital future.

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Dr. Loveneesh Rana, Head of the Concurrent Design Facility,
FEDIL’s Industry Days 2021 “A NEW INDUSTRIAL STRATEGY SHAPING EUROPE’S DIGITAL FUTURE: NOURISHED BY TALENTS, DRIVEN BY DATA, REINFORCED BY TRUST” is a look at the main digital challenges and changes Luxembourg’s industry had to face due to the coronavirus pandemic and the digital lessons to be drawn from the crisis e.g. cybersecurity, telework, e-government.

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