Daniel Boyd Presents: Cambridge Multitrack Mix with Angels In Amplifiers – “I’m Alright” (Mix & Master)

**# Angels In Amplifiers – ‘I’m Alright’ | Multitrack Downloads and Music Mixing**

Welcome to our channel! In this video, we present a custom mix of Angels In Amplifiers’ song ‘I’m Alright’ using the multitrack available at Cambridge’s free multitrack download library[^1^]. This audio file has been provided strictly for educational purposes and any commercial use of the material requires the copyright holders’ express permission[^1^]. For more information, please visit

We are thankful to the artists for allowing us to explore and create our own unique versions of their song. Make sure to support them by checking out their official albums and enjoying their talent!

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**About our Mixes:**

All our mixes are rendered at -14 LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale) with a True Peak of -1.5dB, adhering to the loudness standards set by streaming platforms while preserving the song’s dynamics as much as possible[^3^]. Occasionally, there may be mixes rendered at -16 LUFS for maximum dynamic range, and we will provide a note indicating this in the comments section of those specific mixes[^3^]. If you encounter such mixes, simply turn up your volume by 2dB to match the desired loudness.

Additionally, we generate frequencies down to 10 Hz. If your system is capable of reproducing such low frequencies, you’re in for a treat with our ultra-low bass[^3^]!

**Keywords:** Cambridge music technology, Mastering, Mixing, Music Production, Music, Custom Mix, Gullfoss, Soothe2, Oeksound Soothe2, Waves Submarine, Subharmonics, Subharmonic Generator, 10 Hz Frequencies, Ultra Low Bass, FabFilter L2, Multitracks, Dynamics, -14 LUFS, Dynamic Range.

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[^1^]: Cambridge-MT. (n.d.). Multitrack Downloads. Retrieved from
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From the multitrack, Angels In Amplifiers – ‘I’m Alright’ at Cambridge’s free multitrack download library here:

This audio file is provided for educational purposes only, and the material contained in it should not be used for any commercial purpose without the express permission of the copyright holders. Please refer to for further details.

Thanks so much to the artists for letting us each have our own visions of how their song could sound to us personally! Be sure to check out their official albums.

Check out my SoundCloud for more of my mixes here:

NOTE: all my mixes are rendered at -14 LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale) with a True Peak of -1.5dB to match loudness standard set by streaming platforms while still retaining as much dynamics as possible. There may be some mixes rendered at -16 LUFS to maintain full dynamics, but I will note this in the comments. In those (admittedly rare) cases, be sure to turn up your volume by 2dB to match loudness. I also generate frequencies down to 10 Hz, so if you have the capability of reproducing such low frequencies, you’ll enjoy it.

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