Curbio’s Webinar: Must-Have Pre-Listing Updates in Houston

To learn more about the top pre-listing updates in the Houston market, join us for this informative webinar hosted by Mariani Camillus, the HAR department manager for Professional Developments. During this webinar, Mariani will introduce the subject matter expert, Britney Ortiz, a veteran Tech Enthusiast and a longtime Texas resident. With her background in real estate and a passion for innovation, Britney will provide valuable guidance on pre-listing updates and repairs. This webinar is sponsored by curbio, a trusted partner for agents and homeowners in providing hassle-free home improvement solutions.

Curbio is a licensed and insured general contractor that works exclusively with real estate agents and their clients. Their mission is to help every client unlock the true profit potential of their home by making pre-sale improvements accessible. With curbio, agents can rely on a turnkey process where everything from ordering materials to scheduling deliveries and coordinating permits is taken care of. Agents are assigned a dedicated project manager who handles all the project management tasks, allowing them to focus on sales-generating activities.

Curbio has no project minimums or maximums, meaning they can assist with any project, whether it’s minor repairs or major renovations. Their tech-powered process ensures a streamlined and expedited experience, with free estimates provided the same day. Curbio also defers 100% of the project costs until the sale of the home, eliminating the need for down payments, progress payments, interest charges, or curbio cuts.

In today’s real estate landscape, buyers are increasingly looking for move-in ready homes. According to recent statistics, first-time homebuyers and millennials make up a significant portion of the market, and they prefer homes that require minimal work upfront. Despair and wear and tear are deal breakers for many buyers, with 68% stating that they only consider homes with updated features and layouts.

This webinar will provide valuable insights and strategies for agents to meet the demands of today’s buyers. Understanding the factors that buyers consider, such as location, features and amenities, cost, age of the property, and available space, is crucial in preparing a property for sale. By joining this webinar, agents will empower themselves with the knowledge and tools to effectively navigate the pre-listing updates process and ultimately achieve faster and more profitable sales.

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