Creating a Comprehensive Content Marketing Keyword Strategy (Including a Complimentary Template)

## **How to Choose Profitable SEO Keywords for Your Content Marketing Strategy**

Welcome to our video where we guide you through our Marketing Keyword Plan template, a proven method used by hundreds of successful clients. Don’t miss this opportunity to download it for FREE: [Content Marketing Keyword Plan](

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In this video, John Hargrave shares practical steps to select the most profitable SEO keywords for your content marketing strategy. Our team at Media Shower has been at the forefront of SEO since the 90s, and we’ve perfected the art of keyword selection.

### **Key Principles: Keep it Simple!**

When choosing keywords, there are two essential metrics to consider:

**1. Searches per Month:** This metric represents the number of times a keyword is searched on Google each month. It indicates the demand for that keyword.

**2. Cost per Click:** The cost advertisers are willing to pay to advertise on a keyword. It serves as an indicator of the quality and qualification of potential sales leads.

Think of searches per month as quantity and cost per click as quality. Higher cost per click usually translates to more qualified sales leads, making them more valuable. By multiplying searches per month by the cost per click, we can compare keywords directly.

To gather these numbers, you can either download them from Google AdWords or use a third-party tool like [Ahrefs]( (which we recommend), specifically their Keyword Explorer and Search Suggestions sections. Once you have the data, you can organize it into a template, similar to the one provided in the video.

### **Choosing the Right Keywords**

Although third-party tools may generate thousands of keyword ideas, your goal is to narrow down your list to about 100 words. This step will require some diligence, as it involves evaluating each keyword individually to determine its potential value.

At Media Shower, we meticulously assess each keyword for its ability to attract qualified leads. A qualified lead is someone with genuine interest in our services, making them more likely to convert into customers. For instance, keywords like “content marketing agency” and “content marketing strategy” are likely to attract qualified leads in our industry. On the other hand, keywords like “content marketing world” and “content marketing jobs” are less likely to bring in relevant prospects and can be excluded from our list.

The ideal keywords to include in your list are those with high cost per click and, if possible, high search volume. In some cases, you may come across keywords with a high cost per click but a low search volume. These keywords can still be valuable if they represent highly qualified leads. For example, “content marketing analytics” may have only 60 monthly searches, but these are likely individuals actively seeking a solution in the content marketing industry. By utilizing the opportunity metric, you can make informed decisions based on the overall search volume.

### **The Final Steps: Create Your Top 10 List**

After narrowing down your keyword list to approximately 100 keywords, the next step is to select your top 10. This selection is subjective and should focus on identifying the most important keywords for ranking on page one of Google. The top 10 will serve as the foundation for your content marketing efforts and help determine your content calendar and strategy.

Remember, it’s crucial to keep the list concise with only 10 keywords. This will provide you with a clear and effective keyword strategy for building your content roadmap.

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How do you choose the most profitable SEO keywords for your Content Marketing strategy? This quick video walks you through our Marketing Keyword Plan template that we’ve used successfully for hundreds of clients. Download it free:

How to Build a Content Marketing Keyword Plan (+ Ahrefs Tutorial)

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