Conversations with Francisco Ferreira Pinto #8: From Initial Contact to Finalizing the Deal

# Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto: Screening and Due Diligence Process Explained

The captivating final episode of “Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto” delves into the intricate process of screening and due diligence in the world of venture capital. As Bynd’s esteemed Partner & Executive Director, Francisco shares invaluable insights on this crucial phase.

Curated from a compelling interview conducted by ScaleUp Portugal, this 8-part series showcases Francisco’s expertise on the ecosystem and the collaborative opportunities with Bynd Venture Capital.

In this episode, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the screening and due diligence process. Francisco highlights the significance of sourcing diverse companies from multiple channels, including direct applications and investor referrals[^1]. As a result, meticulous attention is given to examining the characteristics of these companies, necessitating the accumulation of additional information[^1]. Francisco offers invaluable guidance on preparing materials that encompass various focal points such as team composition, product development, early traction, market analysis, and competition assessment[^1][^2]. These crucial details are crucial in determining the compatibility between the prospective company and Bynd’s esteemed investors.

The due diligence journey extends beyond primary investigations and involves a series of iterative meetings to ensure a harmonious match between the startup and Bynd Venture Capital[^1]. Francisco aptly draws parallels between this process and a matrimonial journey, noting the importance of mutual understanding and compatibility from both the company’s and the investors’ perspectives[^2].

Join us for this captivating episode as we demystify the screening and due diligence process, providing you with valuable knowledge to navigate the venture capital landscape and thrive with Bynd Venture Capital.

Check out the entire “Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto” series on our channel to access more insightful discussions with a leading expert in the field.

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In the final episode of “Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto”, Bynd’s Partner & Executive Director walks us through the process of screening and due diligence.

This 8 part series was compiled from an interview with ScaleUp Portugal where our partner Francisco gave his insights on the ecosystem and how you can work with Bynd Venture Capital!


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