Consultancy Partnership between Allianz and INSEAD in 2023: Axti

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Foreign takes on a crucial role in society and the economy, offering protection and peace of mind, especially during times of uncertainty. At Allianz, we recognize the social responsibility of providing Insurance advisory, which is why we take pride in our strong agency network in the Asia Pacific region. In today’s world, marked by multifaceted uncertainty, the demand for insurance has grown, and so have customer expectations. This presents us, as agency leaders, with a greater responsibility to develop new generations of professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry.

To meet these higher expectations, we continuously strive to improve our response to the needs of our existing customers. As a global leader in Insurance and financial services, Allianz Pacific is committed to investing in our agency network. That’s why we are excited to announce the Pinnacle Excellence program, specially designed for life insurance agency management. This program offers an exciting learning journey of best-in-class knowledge and skill development.

At Allianz Malaysia, we focus on cultivating and nurturing our team and agents. We believe in investing in our people, supporting their career growth, and ensuring their success. The alliance life changes are designed to reinforce our commitment to delivering the best to our customers. Through our partnership with insead, agents will have the opportunity of a lifetime to gain an exclusive cost certification from a highly reputable institution. This is a significant step for our alliance CEO program, aimed at building a team of customer-centric professionals who instill confidence in our customers.

The insead agency training program, integrated with the alien CEO program, offers a unique advantage in the industry. It equips you with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to navigate the complex business environment of today. Covering aspects of business management, leadership, communication, and sales, this training broadens horizons and enhances knowledge while improving productivity and efficiency.

We believe in the power of knowledge transformation, and we are thrilled to collaborate with NCR in this exciting journey towards excellence. As part of the program, participants will have the opportunity to attend courses at the insead campus in Singapore and France. Additionally, they will visit the Allianz offices in France and Munich to exchange learnings with our leadership team.

Allianz fully sponsors this program, allowing participants to fully focus on their development. By investing in your business and career, you are ultimately securing the future of our customers. This program also presents an opportunity to connect with a broader range of potential new clients.

Join us in building a better future together through the Aliensen collaboration. [Foreign][Vid_tags].

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