Cómo implementar la Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM 037) para el trabajo desde casa

Introducing External: Streamlining Compliance for Service Providers

External is the most trusted comprehensive service provider management platform in the market. It offers a simple and automated way to ensure that your providers comply with their fiscal and labor obligations, as regulated by the new labor subcontracting reform in Mexico. With External, you can have a well-documented record of all the projects and services you’ve contracted, backed by solid evidence.

Through the External portal, providers can upload various documents that validate their compliance with SAT, IMSS, Infonavit, and the Ministry of Labor. The platform automatically verifies the authenticity of these uploaded documents, detects any anomalies, and conducts validations and information cross-checks to assess the provider’s level of compliance and identify any inconsistencies or risks, such as being listed in SAT’s blacklist or the Financial Intelligence Unit.

External generates different alerts for identified risks and defines appropriate automated actions to address and resolve them. Additionally, it offers a secure QR code access system for providers entering your premises, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access. This system allows you to rate the services provided by your external contractors and provide them with feedback. In case of policy or internal rule violations, External enables you to take necessary actions using its indicator viewer.

One of the key benefits of External is its ease of platform configuration, as well as its seamless integration with leading ERPs and other internal systems. The platform simplifies and automates the validation of your service providers, giving you peace of mind and ensuring compliance.

For more information about External and how it can help you effectively manage compliance for your specialized service providers, contact us at [email protected].

This webinar, featuring Francisco J. Ibarra Mayora, a specialist in labor subcontracting, discusses the Mexican Official Standard 037 and the regulation of teleworking, also known as “home office.” Mr. Ibarra provides valuable insights and expert analysis on this topic, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the legal aspects and implications of teleworking in Mexico.



El especialista Francisco J. Ibarra Mayora analiza la Norma Oficial Mexicana 037 que regula el teletrabajo, también conocido como “home office”

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