“Chief Al Jaber of Climate Talks Predicts the Inevitable Decline of Fossil Fuels”

“UN Climate Change Talks Leader Says Fossil Fuel Phase-Down is Inevitable”

Sultan Al Jaber, the United Arab Emirates official appointed as the leader of the United Nations climate change talks, has reportedly stated that the phase-down of fossil fuels is inevitable. This marks his strongest statement yet on the future of coal, oil and gas in a warming world.

The Speed of the Fossil Fuel Phase-Down

Although Al Jaber did not provide a timeframe for phasing down fossil fuels, he used his speech to top climate negotiators in Bonn, Germany, to call for other efforts. Specifically, he called for tripling renewable energy, doubling energy efficiency and doubling “clean hydrogen” by 2030.

Dependence on Zero-Carbon Alternatives

The speed of the fossil-fuel phase-down “depends on how quickly we can phase up zero-carbon alternatives while ensuring energy security, accessibility and affordability,” Al Jaber said, according to prepared remarks.

Calls for Al Jaber’s Ouster

Al Jaber has been facing calls for his ouster as the COP28 president-designate and to limit the influence of fossil-fuel companies at the climate summit starting November in Dubai. A major piece of unfinished business from the COP27 negotiations in Egypt last year was a push for countries to pledge to phase down all fossil fuels—not just unabated coal, a commitment already enshrined in the 2021 Glasgow pact.

The Need for Ambitious Solutions

Al Jaber vowed to “be laser-focused on concrete and ambitious solutions that will allow us to bridge the gaps by 2030,” noting there are just seven years to achieve the 43% emission cuts needed to keep global temperature targets within reach. “We need to shift from incremental steps to transformational progress that delivers for everyone, everywhere,” he told the crowd, which consisted of the heads of countries’ negotiating delegations.


Fossil fuel phase-down is a critical issue that needs to be addressed urgently by the world’s leaders. With Sultan Al Jaber at the helm of the United Nations climate change talks, there’s hope that significant steps will be taken towards viable solutions to reduce emissions, meet global temperature targets, and protect our planet today and for future generations.

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