Cavalry and Oblivious: A Dynamic Combination


# Data Privacy and Security: A Conversation with the Co-founders of Oblivious

In this insightful conversation, Robert Pisarczyk and Jack Fitzsimons, Co-founders of Oblivious, join Cavalry’s Claude Ritter and Fabian Krautwurst to discuss the critical importance of data privacy and security. Oblivious offers innovative tools for data scientists and developers, allowing them to process data with privacy guarantees. By leveraging confidential computing or secure enclaves technology, Oblivious enables organizations to utilize valuable data without directly sharing sensitive information. [^source]

## Discover More about Oblivious

To learn more about Oblivious and how their cutting-edge solutions are revolutionizing the field of data science, visit their website: []( [^source]

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### Transcript Highlights

– Oblivious provides tools for data scientists and developers to process data with privacy guarantees
– Confidential Computing or secure enclaves technology is revolutionizing data science
– The co-founders’ background in machine learning, cryptography, and quantum computing inspired the creation of Oblivious
– Secure enclaves offer strong controls and guarantees for data processing in the cloud
– Industries driving the demand for Oblivious’ solutions include national statistics organizations, healthcare, banking, and telecom providers
– Oblivious aims to expand its product offerings and enhance user-friendliness for data scientists
– Integration with data science tools and targeting specific sectors like finance are part of Oblivious’ future plans

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from Oblivious as they continue to empower organizations with privacy-enhancing technologies. [^source]

[^source]: *[Title of the Authority Source]*. [Link to the Authority Source](source_link).

The co-founders of Oblivious, Robert Pisarczyk and Jack Fitzsimons, joined Cavalry’s Claude Ritter and Fabian Krautwurst for a brief chat about data privacy and security.
Find out more about Oblivious:

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