Cathay Innovation Unveils New $1 Billion Multi-stage Startup Fund

### Global Venture Capital Firm Cathay Innovation Launches €1 Billion Fund
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Cathay Innovation, a leading global venture capital firm, has recently announced the launch of its third fund, targeting a massive €1 billion investment into companies and technologies worldwide[^1^]. With their previous fund of $550 million in 2020 proving successful, Cathay Innovation remains confident in the growth potential of tech companies despite market conditions and uncertainties[^2^].

In this video, we delve into the exciting details of Cathay Innovation’s latest fund and explore how they are positioning themselves to take advantage of the ongoing digital revolution. Join us as we discuss the impact of this venture capital firm’s investments on the tech industry and market trends.

## Key Topics Covered:
– How Cathay Innovation’s third fund aims to support global companies and technologies.
– The remarkable success of their previous fund despite market uncertainties.
– Insights from Cathay Innovation CEO and cofounder, Denis Barrier, on the future of tech companies in the digital revolution.

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0:00 Introduction
0:30 Cathay Innovation’s third fund announcement
1:42 Success of their previous fund
2:25 Denis Barrier’s insights on the digital revolution in the tech industry

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Global venture capital firm Cathay Innovation has announced its third fund, targeting €1 billion at a broad gamut of companies and technologies around the world.
The new fund follows its $550 million second fund back in 2020, which — like the inaugural fund before that — was also a multi-stage fund.
Cathay Innovation CEO and cofounder Denis Barrier say despite the current market conditions and uncertainty, they are strong believers that the digital revolution will only continue to accelerate, and that leading tech companies will do extremely well, showing strong growth and pricing power.

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