Case Study: Allianz and IPC Successfully Complete Day 1

**Title: Embracing Inclusivity: A Digital Training Series for Kids with Disabilities**

Welcome to the groundbreaking digital training series, “A1 Done,” designed to empower and support kids with disabilities in their sports journey. Created in collaboration with renowned paralympic coach Guido Bonson and co-created by individuals with disabilities, this series aims to break down barriers and provide accessible training resources for young athletes.

At a time when sport participation among disabled youth has decreased by ten percent since 2012, access to qualified trainers has become a significant hurdle. Allianz, a valued partner of the International Paralympic Committee, recognized this challenge and launched “A1 Done” to address the training needs of young athletes with disabilities.

Inclusive from day one, this digital training series features real kids participating in their own day one of training. Every aspect of the content is designed with accessibility in mind – from multimedia modalities such as subtitles, sign language, and audio guides to a user-friendly interface that keeps athletes motivated with daily tips.

Choose from 21-day plans that will take you beyond your day one and elevate your skills. As you progress through the series, you’ll witness remarkable transformations and overcome challenges you never thought possible. The power of inclusivity is evident throughout, as aspiring disabled creatives play a vital role in the production process, breaking barriers and setting new standards for inclusive production.

Join the 6.6 million athletes who have completed workouts and the 163 million viewers who have been inspired by this transformative series. Dare to dream and discover that you don’t need to be superhuman to excel in sports.

**Key Features:**
– Co-created by paralympic coach Guido Bonson and individuals with disabilities
– Real kids participating in their own day one of training
– Accessible content with subtitles, sign language, and audio guides
– 21-day plans to progress beyond day one
– Daily motivational tips to keep you engaged
– Inclusive production crew featuring disabled creatives
– Over 6.6 million completed workouts and 163 million views

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