CASAFARI showcases at e-Bynd Portfolio Week 2020

**[Title: CASAFARI: Transforming Real Estate with AI Technology and Data](**

Welcome to CASAFARI’s presentation during e-Bynd Portfolio Week! In this video, CASAFARI Co-founder Nils Henning introduces CASAFARI and discusses their mission to bring transparency to the chaotic property markets. Joining him for a Q&A session is Tomás Penaguião from Bynd Venture Capital.

CASAFARI is revolutionizing the real estate industry by building the cleanest and most comprehensive real estate database using their advanced AI technology. With the ability to collect, deduplicate, and evaluate every property on the market, CASAFARI empowers professionals to make instant and informed decisions, ultimately enabling them to source the best investment opportunities in real time.

During this presentation, Nils Henning provides an overview of CASAFARI’s vision, highlighting the markets they plan to enter and the need for transparency in the global real estate industry. He discusses the unique features of CASAFARI’s product, including a meter service price comparison that addresses the lack of clarity and comprehensive data in the market. This product has already gained traction, with over 10,000 real estate agents benefiting from CASAFARI’s technology in Spain and Portugal.

The CASAFARI team, comprised of experienced founders and backed by world-class investors, has built a strong foundation to disrupt the real estate ecosystem. Real estate, being the largest asset class in the world, has long relied on outdated and fragmented information systems. CASAFARI aims to change this by providing accurate and up-to-date property information, transcending the limitations of existing marketplaces.

With over 14 million properties tracked and analyzed, CASAFARI is already outpacing competitors in terms of scale and accuracy. Their goal is to source the best investment opportunities in real time, empowering investors to capitalize on the arbitrage potential in the European residential real estate markets.

Join CASAFARI on their journey to transform the real estate industry with AI technology and data. Visit their website at []( and connect with them on [LinkedIn](, [Twitter](, [Instagram](, and [Facebook](

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A brief conversation between CASAFARI and Bynd Venture Capital during e-Bynd Portfolio Week. Our Co-founder Nils Henning presents CASAFARI and then participates in a Q&A with Tomás Penaguião from Bynd.


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