Carol Koech: Exquisite Books and Herbal Tea – My Perfect Blend, But Air Fryers Not My Cup of Tea

**Weekend Hacks with Carol Koech: Insights from Schneider Electric’s Country President**

**Carol Koech: Herbal Tea Enthusiast and Air Fryer Critic**

Carol Koech, the Country President of Schneider Electric East Africa, recently shared her thoughts and experiences with us. Known for her love for herbal concoctions and singing voice, Koech has a unique perspective on life. In this interview, she discusses her weekend hacks, personal journey, and parenting experiences. Let’s dive into her captivating story.

**A Voice of Wisdom: Carol Koech’s Weekend Hacks**

Koech believes in the power of weekend routines that allow her to take control of her time. Instead of engaging in traditional coffee dates, she prefers walk dates, where she walks between 10 to 20 kilometers. Walking empowers her and offers a sense of command over her weekends.

**Embracing Uniqueness: The Journey to Self-Discovery**

When asked about her journey to self-discovery, Koech emphasized her belief in uniqueness. She firmly believes that there is no one else like her and embraces her individuality. This mindset has shaped her approach to life and work, where she consistently gives her best and exhibits exceptional skills.

**Overcoming Failure: Carol Koech’s Valuable Lessons**

Instead of dwelling on her failures, Koech chooses to view them as blessings in disguise. She shared instances where she was on the verge of losing her job, but through perseverance and a positive mindset, she managed to secure new opportunities. These experiences taught her to appreciate the challenges in life and remain vigilant at all times.

**Taking Risks and Seizing Opportunities**

Koech’s career journey has involved taking risks and embracing new challenges. Despite her background in engineering, she accepted a job in an audit firm without prior knowledge of the field. This decision propelled her into a career in finance, where she quickly obtained an accounting qualification. She continued to pursue growth opportunities, transitioning from finance to sales through a master’s degree and gaining a broader perspective on the business.

**The Lifelong Learner: Carol Koech’s Passion for Reading**

Koech describes herself as a lifelong learner with a thirst for knowledge. She developed this passion early in life, growing up in a village and reading various books, including novels by authors like Sidney Sheldon and James Archers. Her love for reading has influenced her children, who also have an insatiable appetite for books.

**Parenting Insights: The Role of Independence and Patience**

As a parent of four, Koech has learned valuable lessons from her children. She admires their independent thinking and their pursuit of a fulfilling life beyond traditional careers. Her children’s unique perspectives have challenged her to think outside the box and consider alternative paths. Additionally, Koech’s younger sons have taught her patience and the importance of providing explanations rather than relying on authority.

**Family Traditions and Rituals**

While Koech is still establishing family routines, she emphasizes the importance of prayer, attending church together, and occasionally having special dinners. She fondly recalls her father’s tradition of celebrating with nyama choma from a freshly-slaughtered goat, a tradition that her mother continues to uphold.

**A Peek into Carol Koech’s Weekend Menu**

When asked about her preferred weekend meals, Koech reminisces about the past but doesn’t provide specific details. However, she hints at her past culinary preferences and the joy that food brings to her family.

In conclusion, Carol Koech, the Country President of Schneider Electric East Africa, shares invaluable insight into her life, career, and parenting journey. Her commitment to lifelong learning, perseverance through failures, and ability to seize opportunities have shaped her success. Through her unique perspective and personal experiences, Koech inspires others to embrace their individuality and create fulfilling lives.

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