Capital Ideas: Laura McCoy of Elysian Capital – Season 1 Episode 5

**[VIDEO TITLE]:** Laura McCoy on Investing with Elysian Capital in Ireland | Capital Ideas Podcast

In this episode of Capital Ideas, Laura McCoy, the head of Elysian Capital’s operations in Ireland, sits down with David O’Kelly to discuss her return to Ireland, the importance of organizational culture, navigating tough economic conditions, and building strong relationships with management teams. As part of Elysian Capital’s investment strategy, Laura shares insights on their focus on deals between 20 and 100 million.

– [00:00​] Introduction to Laura McCoy and Elysian Capital in Ireland
– [01:25​] Starting Elysian Capital and their unique approach
– [04:12​] The importance of having someone with real entrepreneurial experience in private equity
– [06:18​] Laura McCoy’s transition from M&A advisor to Elysian Capital
– [08:35​] Elysian Capital’s investment philosophy and alignment with management teams
– [11:02​] The role of chemistry and fit in private equity partnerships
– [13:45​] Building rapport and trust during the deal process
– [16:30​] The value of having an advisor for business owners in the private equity space

For more insights on investing with Elysian Capital and optimizing business partnerships, tune in to this episode of the Capital Ideas podcast.

**[KEYWORDS/TAGS]:** Elysian Capital, Laura McCoy, Ireland, organizational culture, tough economic conditions, management teams, private equity, investment strategy

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Laura McCoy leads Elysian Capital’s operations in Ireland. Laura talks to David O’Kelly about her return to Ireland following a stint in London, the importance of organisational culture, her experience of working through tough economic conditions, building relationships with management teams and more on the latest episode of Capital Ideas.

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