CapHorn Invest – Estivale 2018

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Welcome to our annual event at the prestigious Maison Blanche! This extraordinary occasion showcased the remarkable achievements of our portfolio companies, as they shared their experiences with the entire CapHorn Invest ecosystem.

With over 250 investors in attendance, this event provided a privileged opportunity for meaningful exchanges between investors and the leaders of our startups. Set up around exhibitor stands, attendees had the chance to explore the latest innovations of these remarkable companies and gain insights into their future development plans.

Join us in this exciting journey as we delve into the inspiring stories of our extraordinary portfolio companies. Discover the passion, innovation, and excitement that drive their success.

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Notre événement annuel 2018 à la Maison Blanche.

A cette occasion, les entreprises du portefeuille ont été mises à l’honneur afin de partager avec tout l’écosystème CapHorn Invest une expérience unique !

Cela a été pour nos 250 investisseurs un moment privilégié pour échanger avec les dirigeants de nos startups autour de leurs stands, vivre leurs dernières innovations et découvrir les prochaines étapes de leur développement.

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