Butsss Debuts with a Bang in MSC’s First Game as First Maniac! #SeaTheWorld #ONIC #ONICESports #MLBB #MobileLegend #MSC

**Original Description:**

Shadow kills not doing anything except clearing the minions and now with one minion left for Nick flash do you want to try to end this both go says it’s down shut down [Applause] the first game of MSC 2020. hey this could be it this could be it they can go

**Revised Description:**

Welcome to the thrilling first game of MSC 2020! Watch as Nick and Shadow showcase their strategic prowess by skillfully clearing the minions. With only one minion left, will Nick flash and attempt to secure a decisive victory? Join us as we witness the intense action and find out who will emerge victorious in this high-stakes showdown! Don’t miss out on the excitement – click to watch now!

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