Breega’s François Paulus Explores Europe’s Venture Capital Industry

## The Venture Capital Landscape in Europe – Insights from François Paulus of Breega

Get insights into the venture capital landscape in Europe with talk by François Paulus, Founding Partner at Breega, presented at the 2021 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference. Breega, a VC fund with a difference, aims to bridge the equity and experience gap in venture capital by providing fair financing, real mentoring, and accessible experts to startups. With 260 million under management and investments in over 50 active startups, they invest two-thirds of their money in France and one-third in Europe and the U.S.

### Early-Stage VC Firms in Europe

With over 7,000 VC firms in Europe and almost 2,000 early-stage investors, the UK leads the game with 27% of VC funds, followed by Germany and France. Spain is also emerging as an interesting country to invest in with more and more funds and startups. The Nordics and Eastern Europe also have a number of VC funds and interesting scale-ups.

### International Presence of VC Firms

Interestingly, 30% of European VC firms have one or more secondary offices, with 90% having an international presence. In contrast, only 17% of US VC firms have secondary offices, with only 29% having an international presence. Additionally, 16% of European firms have a full-time US office, highlighting the increasing internationalization of VC firms in Europe.

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Welcoming François Paulus, the Founding Partner of Breega, at the 2021 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference on the topic:
The Venture Capital Landscape in Europe

About Breega:

Breega’s story began in 2013 when three serial entrepreneur friends decided to get together to build a different kind of VC experience.
They wanted to “Bridge the Equity and Experience Gap” they saw missing in venture, which is why they called their fund Breega. Their approach was to find founders they felt had passion and potential, and then to provide them with tangible support to accelerate their success.

Today Breega’s mission is to provide founders with fair financing, real mentoring and accessible experts, propelling today’s startups into tomorrow’s scale-ups.

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