Bonus: Investor AMA at the Brighteye Edtech Startup Festival

**Title:** Bright Eye EdTech Startup Festival | Ask Me Anything with Experts in Investment

**Description:** Join us for the final event of the Bright Eye EdTech Startup Festival, where we have gathered industry experts and leading investors to answer all your investment questions. In this Ask Me Anything session, you’ll hear from Google for Startups’ Temitayo Odukoya, Owl Ventures’ Ian Chiu, and Brighteye’s Ben Wirz. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the world of EdTech investments and learn from the best in the field.

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Welcome to the Bright Eye EdTech Startup Festival’s final event, where you’ll witness an incredible Ask Me Anything session with some of the biggest investors in the industry. This session features Temitayo Odukoya from Google for Startups, Ian Chiu from Owl Ventures, and Ben Wirz from Brighteye. They are here to provide answers to all your burning questions about investments in EdTech.

Throughout the week, we have brought together renowned industry experts and leading EdTech operators for a series of digital events. We’ve recorded all the sessions, ensuring you don’t miss any valuable insights. Watch the full recordings on our website [Bright Eye VC](

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Our second bonus track happened on Day 5, finishing the Festival off in style with an Ask Me Anything with Google for Startups’ Temitayo Odukoya, Owl Ventures’ Ian Chiu and Brighteye’s Ben Wirz – for all your investment questions.

The Festival brought together industry experts and leading Edtech operators for a week of digital events – all recorded and available here!

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