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## Are More Kids in Need of Glasses? Watch this Eye-Opening News Break

Welcome to KTAL News Now! In this midday news break, we bring you the latest updates on various important topics. Today, we cover two propositions that can help Shreve Memorial Libraries, the growing need for glasses among kids, and a heartwarming story of local firefighters coming together to support one of their own battling cancer.

### Propositions to Support Shreve Memorial Libraries

Cattle Parish voters are presented with two propositions that will fund the library system in the area. These millages, which come up every 10 years, are crucial for the operations and improvements of the Shreve Memorial Library. Additionally, the second proposition aims to strengthen the partnership between the library and the Cattle Correctional Center, allowing inmates to access books and educational materials[^1].

Approving these propositions is vital for the community, as the library provides not just books and materials, but also internet services, computer facilities, and a range of programming for all age groups[^1].

### Rising Need for Glasses Among Teens and Children

Doctors at Parkland Health in North Texas have noticed a concerning trend – an increasing number of teens and young children are in need of glasses. While smartphones have often been blamed, it’s only one part of the equation. Health experts point out that smaller screens closer to the face are impacting children’s vision. Surprisingly, even kids with otherwise healthy vision are experiencing worsening eyesight. The pandemic has also played a role, with more kids having to rely on computers for virtual classes at home[^2].

To minimize the impact, experts recommend every child, regardless of genetic history, undergo an eye exam at the ages of five and ten. Cutting down on screen time is another simple yet effective step parents can take to protect their children’s vision[^2].

### Local Firefighters Host Fish Fry to Support Captain’s Wife Battling Cancer

In a heartwarming gesture, local firefighters organized a fish fry benefit for Melissa Kinney, the wife of fire captain Matt Kinney. Melissa is courageously battling stage four liver cancer, after previously overcoming stage three colon cancer. Firefighters rallied together to help the family manage the mounting medical bills. The event, held at the fire station on Benton Road, saw tremendous community support, with over 1,000 plates sold and $18,000 raised[^3].

### Creating Safer Roads: The Impact of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time has long been a subject of debate and this report sheds light on its potential impact on road safety. A study conducted by the University of Washington suggests that a permanent implementation of daylight saving time could decrease vehicle collisions with deer. Collisions were found to be 14 times more likely shortly after dark, with a 16% increase in specific collisions with deer in the week following the fall time change[^4].

### Your Opinion Matters – Should Daylight Saving Time Be Permanent?

Now, it’s your turn to weigh in. What do you think about making daylight saving time permanent? Scan the QR code on your screen to voice your opinion and let us know if you believe daylight saving time should be here to stay[^5].

That’s all for now, folks! For more details on these stories and other news headlines, head over to [KTAL News]( Thank you for watching! Stay informed and have a safe weekend.

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Two propositions can help Shreve Memorial Libraries, More kids are in need of glasses doctors say, and local firefighters host a fish fry for captains wife battle with cancer.

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