BHAVNAGATR: Dr. Bharatiben Shayai Presents S.T.Bas to 9th Grade Students

## **BHAVNAGATR: S.T.Bas Stand Thi 9 Baso Ni Lili Jhandi Api – Dr Bharatiben Shayai**


**Welcome to the intriguing world of BHAVNAGATR!** In this episode, Dr. Bharatiben Shayai takes us on a captivating journey exploring the significance and history behind the “Lili Jhandi” of 9 Baso.

Have you ever wondered about the hidden stories behind the vibrant flags that grace our streets and neighborhoods? Join Dr. Bharatiben Shayai as she unravels the mysteries surrounding the famous “Lili Jhandi” associated with 9 Baso in the bas stand area of S.T.Bas.

Dr. Shayai, an esteemed cultural historian, expertly reveals the origins, customs, and traditions linked to this iconic flag. With her deep knowledge and passion for preservation, she sheds light on the historical events that led to the adoption of this symbolic emblem. **[source](**

Inspired by extensive research and personal anecdotes, Dr. Bharatiben Shayai provides invaluable insights into the significance of the “Lili Jhandi” and its representation of Baso’s rich cultural identity. This episode is a testament to her dedication and commitment to preserving the heritage of our community.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or simply curious about this enthralling tradition, this video is a must-watch. Join Dr. Shayai on this enlightening journey as she brings to life the stories behind the “Lili Jhandi” of 9 Baso in the S.T.Bas stand area.

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BHAVNAGATR : S.T.Bas stand thi 9 baso ni lili jhandi api dr Bharatiben Shayai

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