BEP Naik di Pamekasan, Ini Salah Satu Faktornya

**RADIO KARIMATA, PAMEKASAN – Break Even Point (BEP) of tobacco in 2022 has increased by Rp54,239 per kilogram.**

Imam Hidayat, Head of Development and Protection Division at the Pamekasan Industry and Trade Office, stated that the BEP of tobacco has experienced a rise of Rp54,239 per kilogram this year due to natural factors and weather forecasts from the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG). The weather is predicted to be wet or even without a dry season, which has also influenced the increase in the BEP in Pamekasan[^1^].

The prices of different types of tobacco in Pamekasan are as follows: the sawah variety is valued at Rp30,463 per kilogram, the Tegal variety is priced at Rp47,777 per kilogram, and the mountain variety is priced at Rp54,210.53 per kilogram[^1^].

The discussion regarding the determination of the BEP was attended by representatives from various organizations, including Gudang Garam, AUI, Sampoerna, and Grendel. The meeting aimed to register the BEP and was invited by [Name of Organization][^2^].

In conclusion, the BEP for the three types of tobacco, which are sawah, Tegal, and jumbo Marine, have been agreed upon and set at Rp34,630, Rp47,777.8, and Rp54,210.30 per kilogram, respectively[^1^][^2^].

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RADIO KARIMATA, PAMEKASAN – Break Even Point (BEP) tembakau 2022 mengalami kenaikan yakni sebesar Rp54.239 per kilogram.

Imam Hidayat, Kepala Bidang (Kabid) Pembinaan dan Perlindungan pada Dinas Perindustrian dan Perdagangan (Disperindag) Pamekasan mengatakan, BEP tembakau di tahun ini mengalami kenaikan hingga Rp54.239 per kilogram dikarenakan faktor alam dan ramalan cuaca dari Badan Meteorologi Kliamtologi dan Geofisika (BMKG) yang diperkirakan kemarau basah atau bahkan tidak akan ada kemarau, hal tersebut juga menjadi pertimbangan kenaikan BEP di Pamekasan.

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