AI Rudder Secures $50 Million in Series B Funding with Participation from Cathay Innovation

**[Vid_Tags]** Cathay Innovation’s investment in AI Rudder: Fueling the Future of Voice AI Technology

**[Vid_Tags]** has recently witnessed Cathay Innovation, along with esteemed investors such as Sequoia Capital, Coatue, and Tiger Global, investing in AI Rudder, the promising Singapore-based voice AI start-up. Through a remarkable $50 million Series B funding round, AI Rudder is poised to transform B2C communication challenges across various industries with its advanced voice AI technology.

With this significant investment, AI Rudder’s total funding in the last 12 months reaches an impressive $60 million. Boasting a global reach, their cutting-edge voice AI solutions have been adopted by over 200 companies worldwide. AI Rudder’s innovation empowers businesses to overcome communication barriers and deliver optimized customer experiences like never before.

As businesses increasingly recognize the vital role of voice AI in driving success and improving customer satisfaction, AI Rudder remains at the forefront, revolutionizing the industry. By offering tailored voice AI solutions across diverse sectors, they enable businesses to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and heighten customer engagement.

AI Rudder’s commitment to excellence and their continuous pursuit of innovation make them an unrivaled player in the voice AI landscape. As they shape the future of voice technology, businesses can harness the power of AI Rudder’s cutting-edge solutions to stay competitive, improve customer interactions, and soar above their industry peers.

Watch this captivating video to discover the incredible potential of AI Rudder’s voice AI technology and understand how their landmark investment by Cathay Innovation fuels their journey towards transforming the way businesses communicate. Stay updated on the latest insights and trends in the world of voice AI technology.

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Cathay Innovation recently invested in Singapore-based voice AI start-up AI Rudder, raising a $50M Series B, alongside Sequoia Capital, Coatue and Tiger Global amongst others. The latest round brings total funding in the last 12 months to $60 million. AI Rudder develops advanced voice AI technology to help businesses solve B2C communication challenges across a range of different industries and is used by more than 200 companies around the world.

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