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## Asset Homes Customers to Avail Aster@Home Services

Asset Homes, a renowned builder based in Kochi, has partnered with Aster@Home, the wing of Aster DM Healthcare Group, to bring top-class healthcare services to their customers and their families at the comfort of their own homes. This initiative will benefit the residents living in Asset Homes residential complexes located in Kannur, Kozhikode, Thrissur, and Ernakulam[^1^].

Through Aster@Home, patients can avail the expertise of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who will visit their homes to provide medical care. Additionally, the necessary medicines will also be supplied to the patients[^1^].

Aster DM Healthcare introduced Aster@Home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and it has received overwhelming feedback from the community[^1^].

Asset Homes is committed to providing more than just houses to their residents. In 2013, the company initiated Asset Delight, offering 17 services to the inmates of their housing projects, further highlighting their dedication towards the well-being of their customers[^1^].

“We are immensely delighted to add JCI-accredited Aster@Home to our services and contribute to our valued customers’ healthy and happy lives,” said Sunil Kumar V, Managing Director of Asset Homes[^1^].

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[^1^]: [Aster@Home – Asset Homes](

Asset Homes customers to avail Aster@Home services The Kochi-based builder Asset Homes is joining hands with the Aster@Home wing of Aster DM Healthcare Group to make top-class healthcare available for the Asset Homes customers and their family members at their homes. The customers living in the Asset Homes residential complexes in Kannur, Kozhikode, Thrissur, and Ernakulam will benefit from this scheme. Attending the function online, Aster Medcity Founder and CMD Aster@Home makes available services of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists at the patients houses and supplies them medicines too. Aster DM Healthcare had started the Aster@Home wing after the onset of Covid-19, and it has received tremendous response. Asset Homes MD Sunil Kumar V said that Asset Homes had started the Asset Delight in 2013, providing 17 services to the inmates of its housing projects, which underscored Asset Homes’ ongoing commitment to the inmates beyond building and delivering just houses. “We are immensely delighted to add JCI-accredited Aster@Home to the club and help our valued customers lead a healthy and happy life,” Sunil Kumar said.

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