April 2023 Bellingcat Hackathon Focuses on ‘Accessibility’

# What does a Bellingcat Hackathon involve? Find out from our April 2023 winners!

Welcome to our YouTube video where we dive into the exciting world of Bellingcat Hackathons. Led by Bellingcat’s Investigative Tech Team, this intense weekend of experimental R&D brings together talented individuals from various backgrounds to collaborate and build prototypes quickly. Join us as we hear from the winners of our April 2023 Hackathon and learn about their innovative projects.

![Bellingcat Hackathon Winners](insert_image_link_here)

## Projects in Order of Placement:

1. **First Place: Project Sentinel** – Check out the winning project, Project Sentinel, on GitHub: [Project Sentinel Repository](

2. **Second Place: Sketch Mapper** – Discover Sketch Mapper, the second-place project, on GitHub: [Sketch Mapper Repository](

3. **Third Place: Approving Accessibility for Instagram Location Search** – Learn about the third-place winner and their project on GitHub: [Accessibility for Instagram Location Search](

*Most Impactful Project:* **Painless Peek** – Explore the most impactful project, Painless Peek, on GitHub: [Painless Peek Repository](

## Hackathon Experience and Insights:

Join us as the winners of our Hackathon share their experiences and insights on participating in such an event. They discuss the benefits of collaborating with individuals who have different ideas and skill sets, which can greatly enhance creativity and accelerate the thought process. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer, this video offers valuable perspectives on the hackathon experience.

## Transcripts and Keywords:

[Full transcript of the video](insert_transcript_link_here)

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## Source:

Learn more about Bellingcat and their projects on their official website: [Bellingcat Website](

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What does a Bellingcat Hackathon involve? Find out from our April 2023 winners!
Hackathon led by Bellingcat’s Investigative Tech Team.
You can read more about all of the projects here:

Projects in order of placement:

First Place: Project Sentinel:
Second Place: Sketch Mapper:
Third Place: Approving accessibility for Instagram location search:
Most impactful: Painless Peek:

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