Antti Parviainen from Innovestor Shares: We Are Already active in the Energy Sector at Startup Village 2015

**Welcome to the Startup Village 2015! Find out how Antti Parviainen, co-founder of Innovestor, discusses their plans for collaboration with Skolkovo and the joint efforts in the energy startup sector between Finland and Russia.**

In this exclusive interview with JSON.TV, Antti Parviainen reveals the exciting opportunities for investment in startups and business ideas at the Startup Village event in Skolkovo. As the host of the closed-door business breakfast, the Finnish Embassy in Russia brings together investors and entrepreneurs seeking innovative startups.

Antti Parviainen unveils Innovestor’s venture into Russia, aiming to identify promising companies for investment. Their inaugural investment project, the LNG taner, stands as a testament to their dedication and interest in the energy sector in Skolkovo. With several other potential investment opportunities in the pipeline, Innovestor is poised to make significant contributions to the startup ecosystem.

Building upon their successful business model in Finland, where they have spearheaded six funding rounds, Innovestor is now expanding their operations in other markets, including Sweden, Estonia, and Russia. By leveraging their international experience, Innovestor aims to continue their track record of funding successful startups with investments ranging from one to two million euros.

Join us as we delve into the world of startups and explore the exciting prospects presented by Antti Parviainen and Innovestor at the Startup Village 2015. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the latest developments in the startup ecosystem.



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В интервью JSON.TV, Antti Parviainen, соучредитель компании Innovestor, рассказал о планах сотрудничества со Сколково, и отметил, что между странами есть уже совместная работа по энергетическим стартапам.

В начале второго дня Startup Village в Сколково, проходил закрытый бизнес-завтрак для инвесторов, готовых работать с проектами, и желающих найти интересные стартапы во время Startup Village. Хозяином бизнес-завтрака была финская сторона, и в частности Посольство Финляндии в Российской Федерации.

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