Antoine Orsini (Lemonway) and Ben Marrel (Breega) Discuss at South Summit 2020

# Fintech & Insurtech – A Conversation on Innovation
In this engaging conversation, we sit down with Antoine Orsini, CEO & Cofounder of Lemonway, and Ben Marrel, Founder & Managing Partner of Breega, to explore the rapidly evolving landscape of Fintech and Insurtech.

With over seven years of experience processing payments for marketplaces across Europe, Lemonway has processed over three billion euros in payments and continues to lead the charge in innovative payment processing. Meanwhile, Breega, a founder-friendly venture capital fund, has invested in cutting-edge startups across Europe and is committed to helping scale businesses to the global stage.

In this insightful discussion, Antoine and Ben share their unique perspectives on navigating the challenges and opportunities in Fintech and Insurtech, including the importance of working with entrepreneur-friendly investors, the benefits of focusing on a single market, and the power of data-driven insights in shaping business strategy.

Join us for this engaging conversation on the digital transformation of finance and insurance.

**Keywords/tags:** Fintech, Insurtech, payment processing, venture capital, entrepreneurship, digital transformation

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Fintech & Insurtech – Conversation with:
– Antoine Orsini, CEO & Cofounder – Lemonway
– Ben Marrel, Founder & Managing Partner – Breega

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