ANC reports that IKEA has developed its own AI chatbot to handle customer queries.

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## Title: IKEA Joins the Artificial Intelligence Craze | ANC News

In this video, *ANC News* dives into the world of artificial intelligence with Swedish furniture giant, **IKEA**. As the demand for AI technology continues to rise, IKEA aims to leverage its potential to further enhance their products and services.

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*Video Transcript (excerpt):*

“*Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming industries worldwide, and Swedish furniture giant IKEA is not one to be left behind. With their commitment to innovation, IKEA is exploring AI technologies to revolutionize their products and services. In this ANC News feature, we take a closer look at how IKEA is embracing the AI craze and what it means for their future.*

*IKEA believes that AI has the potential to enhance customer experiences, optimize supply chain operations, and even create smarter homes. By harnessing the power of AI, they aim to further improve their product design, customer support systems, and even streamline their inventory management processes.*

*Join us in this in-depth interview with IKEA’s AI experts, as we uncover how the furniture giant plans to integrate AI into their offerings. Stay tuned and be at the forefront of this exciting AI revolution with IKEA.*”

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Headstart: Swedish furniture giant IKEA is joining the artificial intelligence craze.

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