Alumni France | Frédéric KREBS, PGE 1997, Newfund Operating Partner in Paris

**Title: Frédéric KREBS Testimonial | The Power of ICN Business School**


Discover the inspiring journey of Frédéric KREBS, a successful Operating Partner at Newfund, Paris (France) and proud graduate of ICN Business School in 1997. In this captivating testimonial, Frédéric shares his experiences and how ICN Business School helped shape his career in the entertainment industry.

Frédéric’s passion for cinema started at a young age, and he saw ICN Business School as the ideal stepping stone towards achieving his dream of becoming a film producer. Known for its unique spirit and exceptional faculty, ICN Business School provided Frédéric with a solid foundation in marketing, setting him on an exciting professional path.

After graduation, Frédéric faced challenges in pursuing a career in cinema. Undeterred, he embraced the digital revolution and honed his skills in the emerging field of internet marketing at France Télécom. This experience eventually led him to join Allociné as the Director of Internet Marketing, where he played a crucial role in expanding the platform’s audience for over 18 years.

Throughout his career, Frédéric worked with renowned companies such as Pathé Gaumont, You Tube Century Fox, and Studio Narita, gaining invaluable expertise in the entertainment industry. Today, Frédéric has transitioned into the world of investment funds, constantly reinventing himself and seeking new opportunities in the ever-evolving tech sector.

If you’re watching this video, you’re likely curious about the distinctive offering of ICN Business School. Despite not having the sea or the mountains, ICN Business School embodies the spirit of difference, encouraging students to create something extraordinary out of limited resources. It’s a vibrant and diverse community where you get as much as you contribute.

ICN Business School’s success is evident through its esteemed accreditations and a growing network of passionate alumni. The school’s association diligently works to strengthen connections among graduates, fostering the renowned “family spirit” that makes ICN Business School stand out.

Join us as we explore Frédéric’s incredible journey and uncover the transformative power of ICN Business School. Watch now to embark on your own path of success!

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Découvrez le témoignage de Frédéric KREBS, PGE 1997, Operating Partner Newfund, Paris (France) !
Listen to the testimony of Frédéric KREBS, PGE 1997, Operating Partner Newfund, Paris (France)!

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