Alon Kuperman (GP Bullhound) Presents the Luxembourg PE&VC Chronicles

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Join Alon Kuperman, partner at GP Bullhound, as he shares insights into the company’s business model, focusing on investments in health-related software. Discover how GP Bullhound supports founders through advisory, private placements, and research. Learn about their main verticals, including software for the health of the planet, organizations, and people. Hear about specific deals, such as their investment in Revolut, one of the world’s largest neobanks. Explore the unique office setup of GP Bullhound, with 13 offices worldwide, including Luxembourg. Gain insights into the resilience and thought leadership displayed by GP Bullhound during the global pandemic. Discover the strength of the Luxembourg infrastructure and emerging tech ecosystem. Learn about the exciting opportunities for young founders in Luxembourg. Plus, get a glimpse into Alon Kuperman’s journey into the industry as an investment banker.

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In this YouTube interview, Alon Kuperman, partner at GP Bullhound, provides an in-depth look into the company’s business model and their investments in health-related software. With a passion for technology, GP Bullhound puts founders at the center of their operations, offering advisory services, private placements, and research to support the growth of ecosystem-driven companies.

The main verticals of GP Bullhound focus on software that improves the health of the planet, organizations, and individuals. This includes enterprise software, ESG solutions, cybersecurity, AI, and applications for work-life balance and personal well-being. The goal is to create a more efficient, collaborative, and healthier world through software innovation.

One notable deal that GP Bullhound has been involved in is Revolut, one of the world’s largest and most successful neobanks. By identifying category winners and supporting them to reach their full potential, GP Bullhound demonstrates their strategic investment approach.

With 13 offices worldwide, GP Bullhound maintains a unique office setup that allows them to stay close to entrepreneurs and tech ecosystems. Their expansion into emerging ecosystems like Madrid, Manchester, and Luxembourg showcases their commitment to supporting and building these locations.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, GP Bullhound has remained vigilant and resilient. In fact, they have emerged as thought leaders, identifying companies that benefit from market tailwinds and actively investing and providing advisory support. Their ability to identify long-term secular trends sets them apart in the market.

In terms of the Luxembourg infrastructure and ecosystem, GP Bullhound recognizes its strength in terms of fund presence and government support. The tech ecosystem is still young but blossoming, with more activity and clusters emerging in areas like space technology, fintech, blockchain, enterprise software, and AI. The growth of the ecosystem provides opportunities for collaboration and support for young founders.

Alon Kuperman’s journey into the industry started with studying economics at the London School of Economics. Fascinated by the world of investment banking, he joined the industry and has since made a significant impact as a partner at GP Bullhound.

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In this interview, Alon Kuperman (Partner) shares GP Bullhound’s business model, which focuses on investments into health related software – be it health of the planet, organisation or people.

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