Allianz x Maybank presents MyProtection JiwaGarda: Director’s Cut

### Millennials Protection “JIWA GARDA” by Allianz Insurance Indonesia & Maybank Indonesia

[![Millennials Protection “JIWA GARDA”](video_thumbnail_link)](video_link)

Allianz Indonesia has partnered with Maybank Indonesia to introduce innovative insurance products specifically designed for millennials. Protecting yourself should be a top priority, even in the social media age where millennials strive to achieve extraordinary feats like gaining followers, going viral, or embarking on worldwide adventures with their loved ones.

With #punyaperlindungan, Allianz Insurance Indonesia and Maybank Indonesia offer a comprehensive protection plan that caters to the unique needs of millennials. The keywords/tags associated with this video include [vid_tags].

Watch the video for more information on how you can secure your dreams and safeguard your future with the Jiwa Garda protection plan. The full transcript of the video is available [here](transcript_link).

#### Key Features of Jiwa Garda Protection Plan:

– Affordable premium starting from 100,000 IDR per month
– 3-year coverage with life insurance benefits up to 1.5 billion IDR
– 80% premium refund if no claims are made
– Extra financial support for your family

No matter what your dreams are, begin your journey with the assurance of protection. Don’t let uncertainties hinder your aspirations! Choose Jiwa Garda and embark on a path of optimism and security for yourself and your loved ones.

For more information, visit Allianz Insurance Indonesia’s official website [here](website_link) and explore Maybank Indonesia’s insurance offerings [here](maybank_insurance_link).

Millennials Protection “JIWA GARDA” by
Allianz Insurance Indonesia & Maybank Indonesia

Allianz Indonesia collaborates with Maybank Indonesia to develop entry-level insurance products for millennials.


Goals must be achieved with zeal! In the social media era, millennials are excited to go the extra mile to grow their followers, go viral with their music, or travel around the world with their families. However, don’t forget to protect yourself for a brighter future.


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