Allianz X Formula E (2023) Directed by Anggito Abimanyu: The Coverage.

#Allianz Partners with Formula E for Sustainable Energy in Indonesia

Allianz, a leading global insurance company, has partnered with the international electric car racing series, Formula E, to promote sustainable mobility in the Indonesian motor industry. The successful race was held in Jakarta, with Allianz as the official insurance partner. The partnership reaffirms Allianz’s commitment to supporting sustainable energy initiatives in Indonesia, as the world transitions towards clean and renewable energy sources.

Formula E has been supported by the ALIAS Group for four consecutive years. The Group has actively contributed to the sustainable energy agenda, including reducing paper usage by 42% and electricity usage by 28% by 2022. Additionally, they have conducted training sessions to produce eco-enzymes, in collaboration with various communities, to support sustainable energy systems. Visitors to the Alliance area at the event enjoyed a photo booth, interactive games and experienced the excitement of electric car racing and its latest innovations.

Allianz’s partnership with Formula E supports the development of renewable energy and advocates for electric mobility, taking practical steps towards a sustainable future that can be passed down to future generations. Join us and enjoy the fun games and rewards.


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