Alex Spiro Latsis: Exploring EdTech for Future Learning

**Title: Brighteye Ventures: Investing in the Future of EdTech | Interview with Alex Spiro Latsis**

Welcome to Learn Tech Oslo Innovation Week! In this episode, Silvija from Lø interviews Alex Spiro Latsis, the managing partner of Brighteye Ventures. With over $120 million USD in assets under management, Brighteye Ventures is Europe’s leading EdTech fund, focused on investing in technology companies that revolutionize learning.

In this interview, Alex shares Brighteye Ventures’ ambitions for the future of EdTech and explains the significance of the Nordic EdTech community. He also reveals why his team chooses to invest in European entrepreneurs and startups. As a speaker in the “Startup and Entrepreneurial Ventures” track at OiW, Alex provides valuable insights into the industry.

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**About Brighteye Ventures**

Brighteye Ventures is the foremost EdTech fund in Europe, investing in groundbreaking technology companies dedicated to enhancing learning experiences. With their extensive portfolio covering corporate education, blue-collar skills training, K-12 education, and post-secondary studies, Brighteye Ventures empowers learners of all ages. By providing smart capital and supporting European entrepreneurs, they fill the funding gap in the region’s EdTech ecosystem.

**The Importance of the Nordic EdTech Community**

Discover why the Nordic region has become a hub for EdTech innovation and how Scandinavian founders leverage interactivity and play to create engaging learning experiences. Through the Oslo Innovation Week, Alex shares his perspectives on the unique qualities of Scandinavian startups and their impact on the global EdTech landscape.

**European Ventures: A Promising Landscape**

While Silicon Valley often takes the spotlight, Alex sheds light on the advantages of the European startup scene. Drawing from his experiences in the U.S., he explains why European entrepreneurs need dedicated funding opportunities. By recognizing Europe’s abundance of entrepreneurial, engineering, marketing, and design talent, Brighteye Ventures aims to propel these startups to success. European ventures have the potential to create scalable products that address global challenges.

Through this interview, gain insights into the future of EdTech, the Nordic EdTech community, and the impact of European ventures. Join Alex Spiro Latsis as he shares his expertise and passion for revolutionizing the way we learn.

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In the fourth episode of the warm-up with Lø x OiW, Silvija meets the managing partner of Brighteye Ventures, Alex Spiro Latsis. Brighteye Ventures is the leading EdTech fund in Europe, and its goal is to find and invest in technology companies that help people learn. In the conversation, Alex describes Brighteye Ventures’ ambitions for the future of Edtech, explains what is so special about the Nordic Edtech community, and reveals why Brighteye Venture chooses to invest in European entrepreneurs and startups. OiW is fast approaching, and Alex is a speaker on the track “Startup and Entrepreneurial Ventures”.

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