AI-Driven Warehouse Work Execution: Unveiling Best Practices

# AI-Driven Best Practices in Warehouse Operations

Warehouse work has been rapidly evolving in recent years, with operators constantly searching for innovative ways to increase productivity and accuracy. In this informative session, Lucas Senior Consultant Dan Keller will share best practices and case examples of how AI-based software can revolutionize warehouse processes such as order picking, product putaway, pick bin replenishment, and material movement tasks.

What You Will Learn:
– Techniques for intelligent batching of work, leading to a substantial increase in throughput (30-50%)
– Methods to optimize path and travel, reducing labor needs by up to 50%
– How to effectively integrate humans and robots for maximum efficiency

Lucas Systems, the first provider of voice-directed solutions on open platforms, has been at the forefront of warehouse technology since 1998. Their expertise lies in software solutions for on-the-floor process optimization.

Dan Keller, with over 35 years of experience in implementing distribution technologies, understands the unique challenges faced by warehouse managers today. He will provide insights and strategies to overcome the worker shortage crisis and ensure top performance in your warehouse operations.

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**Transcript Excerpt**:
“Hi everybody, my name is Jessica White and I am the managing editor at Supply Chain Brain. I want to welcome you to today’s webinar presentation on AI-driven best practices in the warehouse. Today’s presentation will be recorded and available for you after the show. We also encourage you to submit your questions throughout the webinar. Warehouse work has been transforming at an amazing rate over the past few years as operators look for new and innovative ways to boost productivity and accuracy. So today, we’re going to hear from an expert on Distribution Center design and strategy who will give us a clear understanding of techniques to increase throughput and optimize your workforce…” (view full transcript in the video)

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Warehouse work has been transforming at an amazing rate over the past several years and operators are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to deliver immediate, impactful improvements in productivity and accuracy.

This session will illuminate several best practices to improve productivity and reduce the labor needed in your “on-the-floor” warehouse processes like order picking, product putaway, pick bin replenishment, and other material movement tasks.

Lucas Senior Consultant Dan Keller will discuss and share case examples of how you can use AI-based software to enable best practices in warehouse work.

What you will take away:

• Techniques to develop the most intelligent batching of work to empower 30-50% increase in throughput
• Methods to determine path and travel optimization and help reduce labor up to 50%
• The most efficient ways for humans and robots to work together in the warehouse

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