Advocating for Increased Transparency in New York State Emergency Contracts

## Push for NYS Emergency Contract Transparency

In this video, Capitol Correspondent Jamie Deline discusses the push for increased transparency in emergency contracts in New York State (NYS). With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, certain situations have allowed state contracts to bypass the State Comptroller’s Office for approval[^1^]. Terri Crowley, the Executive Deputy Comptroller, explains that a recently passed bill aims to introduce more transparency in such cases by requiring the procuring agency to post the contracts on their website[^2^].

The proposed legislation also demands basic information about the contract, including its description, amount, vendor name, provided services, contract term, and explanation of its competitive basis[^2^]. Senator Jeremy Cooney, who is sponsoring the bill, emphasizes that this initiative aims to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and fairly[^2^].

If signed into law, emergency contract information will need to be posted online within 24 hours after the contract is signed[^2^]. Governor Hochul is currently reviewing the bill before making a decision[^2^]. The video concludes by stating that if approved, the law will go into effect 30 days after it is signed[^2^].

Don’t miss this important update on efforts to increase transparency in emergency contracts in NYS. Stay informed and learn more about this proposed legislation in the video above.


Push for NYS emergency contract transparency

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