Advertising through Geofencing

## **Title: How Geofencing Revolutionizes Advertising – SacTown Talks**

### **Description:**
Welcome to SacTown Talks, where we explore the remarkable advancements in technology and their impact on advertising strategies. In this episode, Nanette Farag sits down with Jarhett Blonien to delve into the world of geofencing – an innovative technique that enables precise targeting of audiences at specific locations and times.

Geofencing has changed the game for advertisers, allowing them to send tailored messages to the right people, at the right time, and through the right platform. Join us as we uncover the incredible potential of this cutting-edge technology.

In this conversation, we explore the utilization of geofencing to target parents of elementary school students. By leveraging voter databases and uploaded contact information, advertisers can identify and geofence vehicles traveling to and from specific locations, all while ensuring the occupants’ cell phones are switched on. Uncover the common tactics employed at the Capitol and gain valuable insights into effective geofencing strategies.

Discover how geofencing has transformed the advertising landscape in this engaging episode of SacTown Talks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and learn from industry experts. Tune in now!

### **Timestamped Topics:**
– 0:00 Introduction to SacTown Talks and the wonders of geofencing
– 1:25 The power of sending targeted messages using geofencing technology
– 3:12 Targeting parents of elementary school students – a case study
– 5:45 Leveraging voter databases for effective geofencing
– 7:10 Unveiling common tactics at the Capitol and beyond
– 9:18 Explore the endless possibilities with geofencing in the advertising world
– 11:05 Conclusion and key learnings from our discussion

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Technology has come a long way. Nanette Farag talks geofencing and advertising with Jarhett Blonien on the next episode of SacTown Talks.

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