Academia’s Challenges Revealed: Scientific Research Broken, Blockchain Holds Potential Solution According to Prominent VC Investor

**[Insert Video Title] – Lina Zakarauskaite and Steve Roest Discuss the Broken State of Scientific Research and the Potential of Blockchain Technology**

Welcome to **[insert channel name]**! In this thought-provoking video, Lina Zakarauskaite, lead investor at **Stride VC**, and Steve Roest, CEO of **PocDoc**, delve into the alarming issue of the research reproducibility crisis and how blockchain and decentralized data systems may offer a transformative solution to this problem.

The global academia sector, which intertwines with the ever-evolving field of health tech, is valued at a staggering $1.5 trillion. However, studies have revealed a disconcerting inefficiency rate of 60-70% across various disciplines. This crisis arises from the startling realization that a significant portion of research conducted in the past decade lacks replicability and, hence, holds little meaning in the scientific community.

During their discussion, Lina and Steve highlight the book titled *Can Medicine Be Cured?* as an eye-opening resource that sheds light on the pressing issue of the quality of academic research, particularly in the realm of health and medical studies. The book reveals a concerning trend where the pursuit of publishing research has become the primary objective, leading to the proliferation of low-quality, inconclusive findings. This persistent cycle of publishing at any cost undermines scientific progress and fails to acknowledge the importance of acknowledging failures and generating reliable data.

They further emphasize how the current centralized model of sharing, peer reviewing, publishing, and funding academic research is fundamentally flawed and unsustainable. The system, established in the aftermath of World War II, is now struggling to keep up with the demands and challenges of the digital era. This has resulted in immense pressure on academics to prioritize quantity over quality, with an obsession over citations and high impact factor journals. The video exposes the ramifications of this approach, as it perpetuates the generation of subpar research.

In this captivating conversation, Lina Zakarauskaite and Steve Roest shed light on the broken state of scientific research and the urgent need for innovative solutions. Join the discussion and discover how blockchain technology and decentralized data systems hold the potential to revolutionize the field of research, ensuring reproducibility, transparency, and integrity.

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Lina Zakarauskaite is a lead investor at Stride VC, a leading VC firm in Europe and in this clip her and Steve Roest, CEO of PocDoc, talk about how scientific research is broken, with Lina stating 60% of all research is all unreproducible and how blockhain and decentralised data systems are a possible solution!

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