ABAC CAPITAL – Borja Martínez de la Rosa

# Title: An In-depth Interview with Borja Martínez de la Rosa, Co-Founder of Abac Capital

## Description:
Welcome to our exclusive interview with Borja Martínez de la Rosa, the Co-Founder of Abac Capital. In this insightful interview, Borja shares his thoughts on the booming market, highlights the remarkable success of Pronokal’s acquisition, and emphasizes the importance of originations in the current capital risk landscape.

## Video Transcript:
[Música] Buenas días, Borja! We are back in Cap Court 2017, a year filled with significant deals. How do you perceive the market?

Borja: To be honest, I believe it has been an exceptional year. Both fundraising and investments in the midmarket, where our focus lies, have been remarkable. Additionally, macroeconomic conditions have been favorable, creating a highly conducive environment for operations, including major acquisitions.

One notable transaction in the midmarket you mentioned is Pronokal’s acquisition by Abac Capital. How do you evaluate this deal and what attracted you to the company?

Borja: Pronokal is a company we invested in earlier this year. It is a leading provider of protein-based diets, medically supervised weight loss programs catering to individuals aiming to lose between 20 and 30 kilos. The obesity epidemic worldwide presents immense growth potential in this sector. Since our investment, Pronokal has been growing at double-digit rates.

With Pronokal, there is an added satisfaction of knowing that we are making a difference in people’s lives. When friends and acquaintances share their success stories of losing 20 kilos, it truly feels rewarding. It reinforces the idea that we are not only a part of a successful company but also contributing to the well-being of individuals.

In the current context, do you believe origination is the key challenge for venture capital? How do you differentiate yourselves?

Borja: Undoubtedly, the market has improved, with more available debt and equity. Consequently, valuations tend to rise. To stand out, we need to focus on origination. It is no longer about participating in auctions; instead, we need to proactively seek opportunities and anticipate operations. This requires visiting companies and being one step ahead. Creativity plays a significant role here. For instance, rather than participating in a standard auction, we explore possibilities such as acquiring and merging two companies to establish a leading position in Spain and expand into Europe. We strive to add value to our portfolio through innovative approaches, avoiding auctions that do not contribute to our objectives.

Thank you so much for your insights, Borja!

Borja: It was my pleasure. Thank you!

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Entrevista a Borja Martínez de la Rosa, Socio Fundador de Abac Capital

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