A BlueYard Conversation with Juliette Chevalier (Aragon) on the Imperatives of Web3 Success

**[Lightning Talk by Juliette Chevalier (Aragon) @ If Web3 is to Work… A BlueYard Conversation](insert link to video)**

In this fascinating lightning talk, Juliette Chevalier from Aragon addresses the crucial challenges that Web3 needs to overcome in order to achieve widespread adoption. She highlights the importance of simplicity, user experience, diversity, and experimentation in building a successful Web3 ecosystem.

First and foremost, Juliette emphasizes the complexity that still plagues the Web3 ecosystem, making it difficult for everyday users like our moms and grandmas to fully embrace and leverage this transformative technology. Scaling back and prioritizing simplicity is paramount to achieve the broader adoption needed for project scalability. (source: [Aragon](

Furthermore, Juliette acknowledges that user experience is a vital factor in the success of Web3. As we embark on this paradigm shift, it is crucial to create intuitive and user-centric experiences that align with the user behavior shaped by previous technologies. Juliette mentions the potential role of account extraction tools in overcoming this usability barrier.

Diversity is another area that Juliette passionately tackles. While advancements have been made, there is still much progress to be made in terms of gender, nationality, age, language, knowledge, and skill sets. By fostering diversity and inclusivity, Web3 projects can benefit from a wider range of perspectives and expertise, ultimately leading to greater innovation and success.

Returning to the foundations of crypto, Juliette reminds us of the transformative power that lies beneath the noise and complexities of the current landscape. By refocusing on the value that crypto can provide and building from that core, we can create a more accessible and user-friendly ecosystem that resonates with a wider audience, including those who may not be familiar with the intricacies of DeFi and NFTs.

Finally, Juliette emphasizes the importance of experimentation and adaptability in this ever-evolving field. Instead of rigidly embedding functionality into smart contracts, she advocates for flexibility and the recognition that we are all still learning and exploring. Adapting to the exponential growth of technological innovation is fundamental for humans to keep pace with the potential of Web3.

Join Juliette as she dives into these five pivotal aspects and shares her insights on the future of Web3. Don’t miss this enlightening talk that promises to expand your understanding and spark meaningful conversations. [Watch now!](insert link to video) (source: [Aragon](

Lightning talk by Juliette Chevalier (Aragon) @ If Web3 is to Work… A BlueYard Conversation.

Denver | March 2, 2023

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