A BlueYard Conversation with Jon Wu (Aztec): The Key to Making Web3 a Success

## Lightning Talk: Social Consensus and Self-Policing in Crypto | Jon Wu (Aztec)

Welcome to this lightning talk by Jon Wu from Aztec, titled “Social Consensus and Self-Policing.” Join us as Jon discusses a crucial social problem in the crypto industry.

In this talk, Jon introduces the “lemon problem” and its relevance to crypto. Similar to unreliable cars, some protocols in the crypto space may not deliver as expected, making it challenging for users to differentiate between trustworthy projects and potential scams. This uncertainty affects the overall trust and willingness of users to participate in the ecosystem.

To address this issue, Jon emphasizes the need for self-policing and consumer awareness to identify potential “lemons” in the crypto space. Drawing comparisons to the casino industry, he highlights how casinos prioritize fairness and security to build trust with their customers. Jon suggests adopting similar principles in the crypto industry to ensure legitimacy and safety, ultimately benefiting both users and the ecosystem as a whole.

Watch this thought-provoking talk to gain insights into the importance of social consensus and self-policing in shaping the future of crypto.

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_This talk was originally delivered at the “If Web3 is to Work… A BlueYard Conversation” event in Denver on March 2, 2023._

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Lightning talk byJon Wu (Aztec) @ If Web3 is to Work… A BlueYard Conversation.

Denver | March 2, 2023

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