3rd Annual ‘Rally for Reid’ Football Camp Hosted by Jake Gervase & the Hawkeyes

**Title: Jake Gervase & Hawkeyes Host 3rd Annual ‘Rally for Reid’ Football Camp to Raise Money for Pediatric Cancer**

Welcome to the 3rd annual ‘Rally for Reid’ football camp, hosted by Jake Gervase & the Iowa Hawkeyes. Join us as we rally for a great cause, raising funds for pediatric cancer research in memory of Reid Gleeson. This inspiring event, organized by the Rally for Reid Foundation, aims to keep Reid’s memory alive while continuing the fight against pediatric cancer.

Throughout the camp, Jake Gervase, along with his Hawkeye friends, brought together a community committed to making a difference. Together, they raised over $68,000 for the Rally for Reid Foundation, providing crucial support in the battle against pediatric cancer. The impact of this annual football camp goes far beyond the field – it raises awareness and offers hope to children fighting cancer.

Gervase, an integral part of this incredible initiative, shares his passion for the cause. He expresses his gratitude for being able to host this event and appreciates the opportunity to gather kids, learn football, and generate donations for such a meaningful cause. With former Hawkeyes and NFL players as coaches, this camp offers an unforgettable experience for both the campers and the football enthusiasts.

By participating in the Rally for Reid football camp, attendees not only gain valuable football skills but also contribute to supporting children with cancer. Join us in this amazing cause, where fun, football, and fundraising join forces to make a difference.

For more information about the Rally for Reid Foundation and other impactful initiatives, visit []( Together, let’s create a brighter future for children battling pediatric cancer.

1. [Rally for Reid Foundation](

Jake Gervase & Hawkeyes host 3rd annual ‘Rally for Reid’ football camp

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