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**Title: 3 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Downsizing Your Home**

If you’re considering downsizing, it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself a few key questions. In this informative video, we’ll guide you through the thought process of determining whether downsizing is the right move for you. These essential questions will help you evaluate your housing needs and make an informed decision.

**1) Do the original reasons I bought my current house still stand, or have my needs changed since then?**

It’s crucial to reflect on why you initially purchased your current home. Have your circumstances or priorities shifted since then? Understanding your evolving needs will give you valuable insight into whether downsizing is a viable option for you.

**2) Do I really need and want the space I have right now, or could somewhere smaller be a better fit?**

Consider your current living situation and honestly assess whether you fully utilize and appreciate the space you have. Is downsizing a way to optimize your lifestyle and create a more manageable and efficient living environment? Explore the possibilities of finding a smaller home that suits your needs and preferences.

**3) What are my housing expenses right now, and how much do I want to try to save by downsizing?**

Take a close look at your current housing expenses and evaluate how downsizing could potentially save you money. By downsizing, you can reduce mortgage payments, property taxes, and maintenance costs. Determine your financial goals and how downsizing can help you achieve them.

Once you have answered these questions for yourself, it’s time to consult a real estate advisor. Seek their professional guidance to explore your options in the market. They can provide valuable insights into the amount of equity you have in your house and how downsizing can position you to make a successful transition.

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If you’re thinking about downsizing, ask yourself these questions:
1)Do the original reasons I bought my current house still stand, or have my needs changed since then?
2)Do I really need and want the space I have right now, or could somewhere smaller be a better fit?
3)What are my housing expenses right now, and how much do I want to try to save by downsizing?

Once you know the answers to these questions, meet with a real estate advisor to get an answer to this one:
What are my options in the market right now?
A professional can walk you through how much equity you have in your house and how it positions you to win when you downsize


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