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## Christophe Peyre – Associate Director at A Plus Finance

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In this interview, Christophe Peyre, Associate Director in charge of Real Estate at Silver Generation, discusses the success and advantages of their publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) – OPCI. Recognized as the best OPCI for the general public, this socially responsible investment strategy focuses on providing housing for seniors through investments in senior living communities.

With over a billion euros invested since 2012 and a portfolio of 300+ apartments, Silver Generation has established itself as a leader in the growing market of senior living. Despite the competition in this asset class, their early-mover advantage and strong partnerships have allowed them to maintain their edge.

The OPCI has delivered a remarkable performance, with a yield of over 4% in a challenging market. This success not only benefits investors but also makes a positive impact on society by addressing the housing needs of vulnerable seniors.

Discover how Silver Generation’s innovative approach to real estate investing is creating both social and economic value.

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Christophe Peyre – Directeur associé A Plus Finance
#silvergeneration #CGP #immobilier

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