Young People Aspire to End the Day with Employment: A Lunchtime Update

**[Video Title] – Update on Cape Town Floods and Youth Day Celebrations | eNCA**

Welcome to this lunchtime update on the latest news stories. In Cape Town, thousands of residents are still dealing with the aftermath of heavy rains and flooding. Our reporter, Nobe Suit, provides an on-the-ground update on the mop-up operations currently underway.

Meanwhile, in Mangaung, Free State, our reporter Pule Letshwiti-Jones covers the ongoing Youth Day Celebrations. He explores how young people are responding to the deputy president’s speech and the opportunities available to them in the region.

Despite the disappointment of the deputy president’s absence, there is still a glimmer of hope. Pule spent the morning with a group of ambitious young individuals who are empowering their community by teaching skills in the IT and technology field. This demonstrates that despite the challenges the country faces, there are proactive young people striving to enhance their skills and overcome employment barriers.

Brighton Academy, one of the exhibitors present at the event, emphasizes the need for tangible actions rather than mere rhetoric. They stress the importance of focusing on science, technology, and skills empowerment to catch up with leading global economies. Brighton Academy is already playing their part by teaching young children coding and robotics, believing that such programs are crucial for the country’s future competitiveness.

While the government is making some efforts, it is essential to establish public-private partnerships to secure funding and support for these initiatives. Brighton Academy, along with other exhibitors, showcases how they are taking the initiative and using their own resources to empower young people.

Although the deputy president’s absence may have disappointed some participants, it has not dampened the spirit of those attending the event. Young people continue to explore the programs and opportunities offered in the marquees, determined to make a difference.

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