The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Detection by Doctors

A study conducted by Northwestern University revealed that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in colonoscopies has the potential to reduce future cancer diagnoses by up to 39%. By employing deep learning technology, AI can detect cancerous cells with greater accuracy, surpassing the capabilities of the human eye by approximately 13%.

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In this video, we delve into the world of medical advancements and the impact of AI in healthcare. Discover how AI is revolutionizing the field of colonoscopies, aiding doctors in preventing future colorectal cancer diagnoses. Through AI-assisted scans, doctors can identify areas of concern more accurately, leading to a potential reduction of up to 39% in cancer diagnoses. But how does AI achieve such impressive real-time detection? The answer lies in deep learning, where machines are trained to recognize healthy and unhealthy colon patterns, surpassing human detection abilities by 13%.

This breakthrough is crucial because up to 25% of polyps in the colon are often missed during traditional colonoscopies, leaving patients susceptible to colon cancer even after the procedure. Having AI as a supervisory tool ensures that doctors meticulously examine all areas of concern, providing reassurance to both medical professionals and patients alike.

The World Health Organization reports that colorectal cancer accounts for approximately 9% of global cancer deaths, making this AI technology a significant development in cancer detection. Remarkably, this technology is widely available today, with FDA approval. Starting from June 1st, individuals seeking colonoscopies can inquire about AI-assisted options, as many medical facilities across the country are recognizing the potential of this technology in reducing colon cancer diagnoses.

As for when to start regular colonoscopies, it is generally recommended to commence screenings around the age of 45, although this timeline can vary based on individual and family medical history. Remember to be vigilant of any changes in your bowel movements, as alterations in poop patterns, sudden diarrhea, thin stools, or unexplained fatigue can all be indicators for further examination.

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A study by Northwestern University predicted colonoscopies assisted by artificial intelligence could reduce future cancer diagnoses by up to 39%. NBC medical fellow Dr. Akshay Syal added through deep learning this kind of technology could detect cancer “better than the human eye” by about 13%.

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  1. NBC News, STOP using the overly broad term "AI" that confuses pattern-recognizers (shown in this story) with ChatGPT-like technology! If you called everything from brakes to airbags "safety equipment" then people wouldn’t understand that needing a recall on one doesn’t mean that you have to stop using the other!

    Don’t make people think we shouldn’t put a hold on ChatGPT-like tech because we don’t want to give up this kind of pattern-recognition…they are not the same tech and don’t have the same problems as each other!

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