Striking actors and writers demonstrate unwavering resolve

**Title: Hollywood Actors and Writers Unite in Strike for Fair Pay**

**Subtitle: Picketing Hollywood stars, both famous and unknown, come together to demand fair compensation and rights**

Picketers Stand in Solidarity for Fair Pay and Equal Treatment

Highly-paid actors and struggling performers join forces in a unified picket outside Viacom headquarters in New York. The picketers emphasize the importance of unity between writers, who have been on strike for over two months, and performers, who have only just begun their strike. The aim is to highlight that all actors, regardless of their fame, are working-class individuals trying to make a living. Kevin Bacon, a famous actor participating in the picket, stresses the need for awareness about the struggles of all actors to earn a decent wage.

Whitney Morgan Cox, an actor who has appeared on the CBS series “Criminal Minds,” speaks about the power of seeing writers and actors collaborate on the picket lines. While they often work separately during production, this demonstration brings them together to recognize the energy, stamina, and commitment shared by both groups. Cox articulates the strong sense of community that has developed among the writers and actors.

Unanimous Vote Leads to the Start of the Strike

Leaders of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) vote unanimously to commence a strike once their contract expires. They join the Writers Guild of America, who initiated their strike on May 2. The union members exhibit solidarity as they stand united against unfair treatment in Hollywood.

United Front: Actors Turned Writers and Writers Turned Actors

Paul Scheer, a writer who is already on strike, doubles his efforts by also participating as an actor. At Netflix headquarters in Hollywood, he shares his commitment to the cause, even though it requires him to walk double the steps. Many members of SAG-AFTRA join the picket lines, providing a renewed sense of energy and determination to fight for their rights.

Weather Challenges and Union Rallies

Extreme heat in New York and Los Angeles forces some pickets to be called off. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, a union rally is planned in Atlanta—a city that has become a hotspot for productions due to tax breaks and lower costs. Demonstrations continue to spread across different locations, highlighting the widespread concerns within the industry.

The White House Shows Support for Striking Workers

During a press briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expresses President Biden’s support for fair pay and benefits for all workers, including actors and writers. The administration hopes for a resolution that benefits both sides and encourages a mutually beneficial agreement as soon as possible.

Hurdles in Reaching an Agreement

While both actors and writers express their desire for a fair deal, the vast divide between the unions and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers becomes apparent. Negotiations are neither in progress nor planned, indicating a long road ahead for reaching a resolution. Key issues include residual payments, which have been significantly reduced due to the shift towards streaming platforms, and the unauthorized use of actors’ and writers’ work and likeness by artificial intelligence avatars.

A Call for Basic Provisions and Fair Treatment

Kevin Bacon emphasizes the importance of negotiating for basic provisions in the contract, particularly for the working-class and middle-class members of the union. The actors and writers are united in their fight for fair pay and treatment in the industry.

In conclusion,
The Hollywood industry is witnessing a powerful demonstration of unity as actors and writers stand together in their demand for fair compensation and recognition. The strike showcases the shared struggles faced by both well-known actors and those with fewer credits. While the path to a resolution may be long and challenging, the determination and sense of community among the strikers remain strong.

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