Siddipet: Congress’s Footprints || MKTv

**Siddipet: హస్తం పేదల నేస్తం || Congress || MKTv**

Welcome to Masterkey TV, a 24×7 Telugu News channel dedicated to providing the latest updates on politics, social issues, culture, sports, and current affairs. Initiated by K. Siva Bhagya Rao IRS (VRS), Fmr Dy. Comm. I.Tax, a renowned Philanthropist actively involved in Social Engineering, this channel aims to decentralize media ownership and protect the Fourth Estate in our democratic society[^1^].

The corporate sector and political parties have put the media under their clutches, which poses a significant threat to democracy. To combat this, we encourage individuals to become independent media owners and contribute to safeguarding the freedom of press. By being a part of our platform, you can share your news and stories without compromising your revenue[^1^].

Subscribe to our channel and stay updated with the latest Telugu news, Telangana politics, Andhra Pradesh news, and other significant developments. We bring you top-notch coverage, breaking news, and exclusive insights into important events and issues affecting our society. Join us to be a part of a media movement that values transparency and accountability.

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Siddipet:హస్తం పేదల నేస్తం || Congress || MKTv
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This channel is 24×7 Telugu News Initiated by K. Siva Bhagya Rao IRS (VRS), Fmr Dy. Comm. I.Tax
He is a noted Philanthropist and is actively involved in Social Engineering. He founded Sneha Club – Payback to Society in 2001 many other entities in a group from the ideology of Mahatma Jyotirao Phule and Babasaheb.
He noticed that the Fourth Estate (Media) is under the clutches of the corporate sector and political parties, which is dangerous to Democracy Hence, he thought to decentralize the ownership by making independent media owners from the public. This model will not be detrimental to the individual’s revenue besides enjoying free telecasting of their news and news pertaining to discrimination in society.
We invite all to become Independent media owners to protect Fourth Estate in turn DEMOCRACY
This channel is dedicated to telecasting political, social, cultural, sports, and current affairs business and all updates.
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