Senior Residence A PLUS FINANCE DOMITYS in Poitiers

**Title: La Nouvelle Résidence Services Seniors de Poitiers – A Complement to Golden Years**

Are you or your loved ones seeking an exceptional senior living solution in Poitiers? Look no further! Welcome to the elegant and modern La Nouvelle Résidence Services Seniors, managed by A PLUS FINANCE, a leading provider of financial services. This stunning residence, acquired by OPCI GÉNÉRATION, presents a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and tranquility for seniors.

**Discover an Exceptional Living Experience**
La Nouvelle Résidence Services Seniors is more than just a place to live; it is a vibrant community designed to cater to the unique needs and desires of seniors. With its convenient location in Poitiers, residents can enjoy easy access to local amenities, healthcare facilities, and serene natural surroundings.

**Unmatched Services and Amenities**
Our residents’ well-being and happiness are our top priorities. La Nouvelle Résidence Services Seniors offers a wide range of services and amenities, ensuring a fulfilling and independent lifestyle for every resident. Whether it’s a sumptuous meal at the elegant dining hall, engaging activities and social events, or access to fitness facilities, we have it all covered.

**Managed by A PLUS FINANCE, Trusted and Reliable**
A PLUS FINANCE is a reputable financial services company with extensive experience in the senior living industry. They bring their expertise in managing and maintaining La Nouvelle Résidence Services Seniors, ensuring exceptional service and attention to detail.

**A Partnership with DOMITYS**
In June 2015, A PLUS FINANCE’s OPCI GÉNÉRATION acquired La Nouvelle Résidence Services Seniors, in collaboration with DOMITYS. This combination of industry-leading companies guarantees an exceptional living experience, with a focus on quality, safety, and personalized care.

**Join our Vibrant and Supportive Community**
Whether you are seeking an enriching retirement life for yourself or a loved one, La Nouvelle Résidence Services Seniors offers a holistic and comforting environment. Discover the perfect balance of relaxation, engaging activities, and access to necessary amenities for an unparalleled senior living experience in Poitiers.

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La Nouvelle Résidence Services Seniors de Poitiers acquise par l’OPCI GÉNÉRATION géré par A PLUS FINANCE, a été livrée en Juin 2015 à DOMITYS.

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